Our Committee

Jo Winnick

Jo provides overall leadership for the club, holds the rest of the committee to account for their roles, organises the AGM each year and provides general strategic direction for Clapham Pioneers. Jo is also a founder member of Clapham Pioneers and has helped it grow from just a handful of members in 2009 to the club it is today. 

Rob Jones
Membership Secretary

Rob promotes the club, keeps records of existing members, encourages new members to join and manages the annual membership renewal process. If you have any membership enquiries, feel free to contact Robl

Kirstie Norgate

Kirstie keeps the books, does our financial transitions, prepares any required reports and ensures that the club has funds for investment, most importantly to subsidise our social events. 

Sarah Prescott
Communications and Media Secretary

Sarah is responsible for managing all communications to members on Facebook, Instagram and weekly newsletters. She ensures the feel-good and supportive culture of the club is at the heartbeat of all her posts. Sarah loves 'shout outs' to all our running successes big and small. 

Rebecca Spencer
Social Secretary

Rebecca's job is to make sure we have a full diary of fun social events throughout the year, sometimes linked to our running events! Pioneers isn't all about running but also getting to know people in the local area and often making life-long friends. 

Andrew Thompson
Race Secretary

Andrew oversees all aspects of races for the club, in particular ensuring that running races are one of the ways, among others, of supporting the aims of the club, developing its membership and encouraging members to join and then stay.

Claire Parkinson
Secretary and Club Development

Claire supports the strategic development of the club, ensures that the club rules are followed, represents Clapham Pioneers to external bodies and makes sure we comply with all necessary regulations governing the sport and a UK Athletics affiliated club.

Will Bunker & Lindsay Murray
Head Coaches

Will and Lindsay, our 'dynamic duo' Head Coaches manage the other coaches in the club, ensure coaching sessions are provided in a safe environment, promote the sessions and develop the club's coaching capability. Will and Lindsay are qualified Leaders in Running Fitness and take coaching sessions on a Tuesday.