Club Championship 2022

Clapham PiONEERs Club Championship is a series of races throughout the year with the aim of encouraging all our members to participate no matter your ability or goals. Our point system is designed for everyone, not just the fastest runners, you will gain points for entering races, for getting PBs, and it’s age graded!

Qualifying runs:

  • 5K. (TBC).
  • 10K. (TBC).
  • Half Marathon. Hampton Court Half (27th Feb). Hastings Half (20th March).
  • Marathon. A marathon of your choice.
  • Cross Country. SEAA Cross Country (29th Jan). London Cross Country (TBC).
  • Relay Event. Battersea 3×1 mile Relay (25th July). Green Belt Relay (14/15th May). Stragglers River Relay (TBC).
  • NEW! Bank Holiday fun event. (TBC).

If you run multiple events, for example two half marathons, your fastest time will be accrued to your Championship points.

Point system:

  • 25 points for each race.
  • 50 points for all PBs (individual events only).
  • Age grading scores using

How do I claim my points:

  • Submit an online form with your results.
  • We’ll do the rest keeping you updated on our Facebook.

Points mean prizes:

  • You win a bespoke trophy.
  • Kudos of running success across a range of distances.
  • Doing the club proud.

Our winners from 2021 were:

Women: 1st Place, Ruth Dervan. 2nd Place, Laura Sears. 3rd Place, Jane Butler.
Men: 1st Place, Andrew Thompson. 2nd Place, Reynald Pouchin. 3rd Place, Michael Wiggins.