Races & Results


The best place to find the latest news about what fellow Pioneers are up to is on the Clapham Pioneers Facebook group.

Upcoming races

Clapham Pioneers support members in races throughout the year. Here are a few of the races our runners are entered into in the near future.

If you fancy joining us, don’t forget that membership includes registration to UK Athletics which gives you great discounts on races throughout the year.

2017 race night results

The first Tuesday of each month is Race Night, when we now run a 5k route in Battersea Park.  This is timed, and the results published on here (see below), so you can challenge yourself to get better as the year progresses.

First Name Last Name Best in 2016 Feb-17 Apr-17 May-17 Aug-17 Nov-17 Dec-17
Kevin Bergot 18.01 17.24 17.38
Simon Card 18.58 17.38
Freddie Porter 18.09
Liam Davies 17.09 17.56 18.11
Henry Wilson 17.35 17.46 19.16 18.17
Nicholas Fletcher 18.32 19.16
Tom Hobbs 19.26
Robert Wong 20.04 19.28
Robert Jones 20.12 20.39 20.00
Andy Brown 20.53 20.06
George Halliday 20.47
Bethia Connolly 20.43 20.42 20.44 20.50 12.59 20.49
Charlie Tromans 20.44 21.03 20.54
Rosie Clarke 23.23 21.38
Michael Bradley 24.19 24.09 24.11 23.43 22.10
Sarah Healy 23.08 22.35
Lindsay Murray 24.40 23.03 23.28 24.01 22.42
Charlie Spiers 22.51
Emma Caine 24.20 22.56
Emma Burgess 22.47 23.47 24.01 26.21 23.02
Anthony Lavelle 26.17 23.18
Angharad Jenkins 23.22
Ellie Hilborne 25.46
Sophie Knight 25.48
Rosie Allcock 26.30
Katherine Aubrey 28.04 26.20 27.54 27.55
Abbi Oakley 29.05
Abigail Sherrard 23.19 24.32
Adrian Campomanos 26.23 24.39
Aisha McLean 26.28 27.09
Alan Moss 18.18
Alice Cowley 25.07 24.16 24.25
Alice Davison 28.28
Andrew Myles 21.12 22.55
Anneka Dew 21.19 26.03
Andy McGready 22.09
Anthony Tocco 18.43 19.32
Ben Daly 21.41 22.48 21.52 24.26
Ben Roost 22.33
Carmel Salvidge 22.37 22.50 22.23
Catherine Fuller 22.00 20.23 22.09
Catherine Ellis 23.07
Ciaran Loughlin 22.02
Dan Lane 19.40
David Milsom 24.19
Deidre O’Connor 29.27 25.55
Edward Butler 22.01
Eimear Hale 25.15 25.07 28.04
Ellie Kramer-Taylor 29.34
Emily O’Riordan 24.21 23.16
Gary Stewart 21.24 20.37
Georgina Cowley 22.06 21.40 22.03
Gisela Carr 23.59 27.07 24.39
Hamish Smith 20.52 21.51 21.40 21.10 21.45
Hannah Davies 23.43
Hannah Stanton-Warren 24.32 21.54 22.25
Hannah Harazawa 24.15 26.18
Harriet Browning 23.54 24.25 23.25
Ionna Likidis 25.09
Jamie Lock 20.41
Jo Bennett 24.40
Jo Winnick 23.01 23.51 26.21
John Fung 20.53
John Emery 24.57 23.42
Katherine Blake 29.27 29.25 30.32
Keiran Watkins 23.03 23.09
Kerri Stone 29.34
Kieran Watkins 23.20 24.13
Kirstie Norgate 22.59 23.29 23.03
Laura Hurley 29.15
Laura Downton 21.59
Laura Copas 29.40
Louise Ramsden 27.3
Lucy Wright 29.14 29.25 30.32
Lucy Corfield 25.22
Lydia Esler 19.00 19.45 19.42
Marc Stamp 23.27 23.57
Mairead Maloney 25.32
Medi Ract 20.45 21.07
Michael Gray 20.04 20.10 19.48
Michael Wilson
Michael Wiggins 18.58
Milo Purves 18.48
Nadine Lee 26.42
Orla Eastwood 27.40
Pascal Patterson 20.34
Paul Menzel 24.09
Paul Moran 18.50 19.38 19.45
Paul Prentice 23.33
Rebecca Gough 25.08
Rebecca Spencer 27.13 26.22 27.26
Rebecca De-Cinque 20.46
Rebecca Spencer 26.03 26.19 26.05
Reece Billington 17.35 17.38
Reynald Pouchin 18.33 18.39
Richard Muscat 19.28
Richard Catton 20.42
Richard John 21.24 30.32
Richard Muscat 19.06 18.49
Richard Smith 21.33 21.12
Ronan Devlin 18.38
Ruth Dervan 20.34 20.22 19.48 20.25 20.05
Ruth Maurice 26.20 26.37
Sam Richardson 20.11 20.38 19.21
Sam Cox 20.31
Sam Coffield 28.19
Sarah Prescott 25.40 27.18 28.16
Sayem Rahman 26.16 26.09
Sharon Ford 26.19
Simon Small 21.12 20.22 20.35
Sophie Hewett 26.01
Sophie Nolan 24.03
Steven Price 20.29
Stephanie Jones 21.43 21.25 21.29
Teresa Castello 23.45 23.31
Tom Baker 19.53
Tom Hill 26.17
Vicki Coleman 19.53
Will Bunker 18.57 19.45 20.03 19.39 19.30
Will Leader 24.37 25.05 24.55
Will Cook 20.58 21.07 21.33
Yvette Jacob 27.40

Parkrun popular

Clapham Pioneers loves Parkrun and not only have we staged two Parkrun takeovers at Brockwell and Tooting this year, our members have been round the capital and country bringing a blaze of orange to Parkrun

Smashing 26.2 in 2017

April and May are busy months in the marathon race calendar. A good number of Pioneers ran Manchester, Paris, Brighton, Boston or London (or even a couple of these), helped by cheering supporters working as hard as the runners. The following were our crew pounding 26.2 around London on 23rd April 2017.


The Pioneers annual trip abroad took us to the German capital in April 2017. Along with a marvellous, flat and fast 13 miles on the Sunday, Pioneers also found time to sample local bier and sekt (by the way, that’s sparkling wine to non-German speakers!):

North London Half Marathon

Not only did a number of Pioneers smash this hilly half, which finished in Wembley Stadium but Pioneers had the third placed lady (Jessica Lowe, far left in the left hand photo):


Battersea Park 1 mile relay

This year’s Battersea Park 1 mile relay was on Monday 25 July 2016.  Clapham Pioneers once again made a good bright orange showing – this year we had 12 teams – 36 runners registered.  Results of the 1 mile relay, and some great photos, can be found here.

one mile relay 25jul16



Clapham Pioneers Midsummer Run

This is a ten-mile run that we do once in the summer on the Tuesday evening slot; this year was actually on 21 June, the longest day, so we all finished in daylight.  The route was from Wingate Square up to Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, and back.

Local race series

There are a number of race series that take place in south west London, including:

  • Run Through races: 5k, 10k, 10 mile and half marathon races at Clapham Common, Battersea Park, Wimbledon Common & Richmond Park (and elsewhere in London)
  • Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence races: 5k & 10k races on Saturday mornings or Monday evenings in Battersea Park, plus the 1 mile relay
  • Innovation Sports races: 5k, 10k and half marathon races at Clapham Common, Battersea Park or Wimbledon Common
  • Serpentine Brooks Last Friday races: 5k races on the last Friday of every month at 12:30 (lunchtime) in Hyde Park
  • Veterans AC masters’ races: 5 mile or 5k races in Battersea Park for masters athletes (over 35!)


Every week Parkrun organises free 5km timed races around the world. They are open to everyone, free, safe and easy to take part in.  Pioneers thinks this is one of the most exciting developments in running in the past few years, bringing well-organised and free timed events to a wide group of people. We are a big fan of them!

The closest Parkruns for Pioneers are held in Brockwell Park, Tooting Common, and Dulwich Park on a Saturday morning at 9:00am. You just need to register online and print off your barcode to take with you; registration is quick, easy and free, so go ahead, register here.

Brockwell Parkrun 30jul16

Trail races

We don’t necessarily have to stick to the road!  Some Pioneers have been running trail races: the Northumbria Coastal Trail marathon and the Pembrokeshire Coastal Trail marathon; the Isle of Wight Easter races; and the South Downs half marathon.  Some of these are ultras, for those who think a marathon isn’t far enough, like the the Centurion South Downs Way 50, the Mаxі Rаcе trаіl du Lаc d’Annеcy, and The Wall Hadrian’s Wall 69-mile race.



Cross-country races

The last couple of years, Clapham Pioneers have entered the London Cross-Country Championships at Parliament Hill.  This is a different sort of challenge, but is open to anyone who would like to have a go.  The men’s race is 10k and the women’s is 6k.  It’s a hilly cross-country course, and as there are junior races earlier in the day, it’s always pretty muddy.  It’s good fun and it feels great to be representing your club in the line-up at the start.  Next one: Saturday 19 November 2016.  Look out for a call for entries, here or on Facebook.

IMG_4894 IMG_4897

Clapham Common 5k/10k/15k

Another strong showing for Pioneers, with over 20 members running in one of the races around the common. We had second place in both the men’s and ladies’ 10k races. The results are available here.


Battersea Park 1 Mile Relay

Pioneers had a tremendous turnout for the lung busting 1 mile relay on Monday 7th July. We had 21 runners, making up 7 teams, the most of any running club attending. Go Pioneers! Click here to see the results.

Pioneers 1 Mile Relay 2014

Barcelona Half 2014

We had an amazing turnout of Pioneers who travelled over to Spain for the Barcelona Half Marathon in mid February, the race where the women’s world record was broken. More than 18 Pioneers took part and a few personal bests were smashed. The weekend was so successful we are already looking at options for a trip abroad for next year.

Paris Marathon 2013

A number of Clapham Pioneers did the Paris Marathon on 7th April 2013 and made it into the local newspaper – view the article here.