Races & Results


The best place to find the latest news about what fellow Pioneers are up to is on the Clapham Pioneers Facebook group.

Upcoming races

Clapham Pioneers support members in races throughout the year. Here are a few of the races our runners are entered into in the near future.

If you fancy joining us, don’t forget that membership includes registration to UK Athletics which gives you great discounts on races throughout the year.

2020 Clapham Pioneers Championship

After the huge success of the inaugural Pioneers Club Championship in 2019, we will be having another amazing year of running with the 2020 championship.

Aimed at encouraging all our members to get involved, the championships are a great chance for us all to push ourselves across a range of distances, get out and about at events as an orange army, and most importantly, have fun doing something we all love! (Well, sometimes…) There will of course be the trademark Pioneers social celebrations to follow the races throughout 2020, in case you needed any more of an incentive!

A reminder, the winners from last year were:


  • 1st Place – Megan Woodworth
  • 2nd Place – Ruth Dervan
  • 3rd Place – Laureen O’Kane


  • 1st Place – Brian Wiggins
  • 2nd Place – Reynald Pouchin
  • 3rd Place – Ollie Taylor

So how does this all work?

The Championship will consist of 8 races ranging from a 5K all the way up to a Marathon plus team events such as Cross Country & relay.

While this might sound daunting, the championship is aimed at everyone in club, not just the fastest runners, as the point system will see you gain points for entering races, for getting your PBs, and for your age group score.

And you don’t have to go all the way to the 26.2 miles, or strap on your first pair of spiked trail shoes to get involved! There will be 8 races, and to enter the championship you just need to complete 5 of the 8 races throughout the year! However, if you have decided 2020 is your year of running, if you enter all 8, we will count your top 5 scores towards your championship total.

Where on Earth am I going to do all this running?!

See above for the schedule of races. The following are the qualifying runs:

  • 5K – Burgess ParkRun
  • 10K – To be announced
  • 10 Miles – Harry Hawkes
  • Half Marathon – Hampton Court Half
  • Half Marathon – Pioneers European Trip (location to be announced)
  • Marathon – Any marathon will count towards the championship
  • Cross Country – Parliament Hill
  • A Team Relay Event (Green Belt Relay or 3 x 1 Mile Relay)