Our Mission

Who we are

We’re a friendly, inclusiveĀ and sociableĀ running club based in Clapham Old Town, providing motivation and support to our members. We are made up of a mixture of both competitive and non-competitive runners. We meet on Tuesdays for our club night but often provide additional events, as well as frequently attending races and other events together as a club.

We hope to use our passion for running to build friendships, to provide encouragement and support and to improve ourselves regardless of age, race, cultural differences, gender, pace or experience.

What we believe

  • Running can improve peopleā€™s physical and mental healthĀ and supports a healthy lifestyle
  • A supportive environmentĀ can help people improve their fitness and achieve their goals
  • A running club can help people feel part of a community
  • People of all running abilities have the right to be part of a running club

What we want to achieve 

  • To be a recognised as an integral part of our local community
  • To give something back to our local community
  • To increase the number of people in our local area who are passionate about running, and staying fit and healthy
  • To supportĀ all our members to achieve their running and fitness goals
  • To ensure all our members feel part of a supportive community club